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May 3, 2020

Jesus Returned to Heaven, Where He Belongs

Passage: Acts 1:6-11
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Forty days after Jesus' resurrection, Jesus ascended and returned to Heaven as his disciples watched.

1. Jesus told his disciples they would be his witnesses and he would return. Acts 1:6-11
2. Jesus ascended to Heaven (second passage). Luke 24:50-53
3. Jesus returned to Heaven, and sits at God's right hand. Mark 16:19-20
4. Jesus commissioned his disciples to make disciples (Great Commission). Matthew 28:16-20

Jesus returned to his glory in Heaven, where he truly belongs, and sat down at God's right hand. He rules and reigns with God and intercedes for his people.
Jesus commissioned his disciples to share the good news, the Gospel, and make disciples of all people.
Jesus is coming back for his people at an unknown time.

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